BBC announce sports personality review

I am delighted to hear the news this evening that the BBC will be reviewing the shortlisting system for next year’s BBC Sport’s Personality of the Year.

This morning I slammed the BBC for its lack of female representation on this year’s shortlist for Sports Personality of the Year. Writing to the BBC Chairman, Lord Patten, and the Minister for Sport and the Olympics I highlighted the crowning achievements of athletes such as Chrissie Wellington – four-time world Ironman champion – and Olympic triathlete, Helen Jenkins. In my letters, I called for increased transparency in the selection process along with changes in future nominations.

I am glad to see the BBC has seen sense and decided to look into this issue for future years. Just this morning I contacted the BBC and the Sports Minister to highlight this bias and apparent disregard for women’s sporting achievements. In 2011 we have had a plethora of female athletes who have achieved great things, however it seems only the men get noticed. I am encouraged to hear the BBC will be looking at reviewing the system to improve transparency and gender equality within sport.