Back to training….

I have been very lax, not just in keeping my triathlon blog updated but also in actually doing any training. Apologies, work and moving home has blown the last few months, but with the motivation of the Olympics and the determination to complete at least one event this season I have this week got back to running.

I have done a 10k, and two 6k runs this week and have thouroughly enjoyed it. I have had the joy of running in the British summertime, which is code for rain and sun…. more wet runs tan sunny thus far. I have still really enjoyed each run. I have been using the Audio Fuel with Chrissie Wellington. I find these excellent to help me keep a reasonable pace and the odd few words form Chrissie seem to come at just the right time to keep you going and pushing on.

It has reminded me how much better I feel when I am running. I find it an excellent way to clear my head and think things through; it has even led to me updating this Blog!!

Next I will be looking to add the bike back into the mix and then some swimming so I can get back to a more regular training program to build into the autumn. I intend to take part in at least a duathlon in September and am also looking at the Great Yarmouth 10K. I am then seriously looking at doing my 3rd London Marathon in 2013 as a lead into the season next year.

I am also very much looking forward to the exciting day ahead with the women’s triathlon on Saturday, where we have a strong hope for Gold and then the men’s next Tuesday (I will be there cheering them on) where we will be hoping for more medals.