Back on the Bike

Having spent most of my cycling time in the last few months either on a turbo trainer, a gym stationary bike or the occasional off road ride I have to say it was good to get back out on the road bike last night.

I had my regular catch up with my coach and we did a 15 mile route to see how I was doing and it was great fun, despite some unhelpful heavy traffic. We had some great stretches of road to ourselves on the county lanes where we opened up with no worries of passing cars and it was great to see how fast I could push. I am a fan of off road generally as it does allow me to train with my son and to have the fun of exploring off road areas and country parks and woodlands etc but it was great to have fresh air and flat roads to open up some speed in the way only a road bike can.

I was very pleased with myself too as I came through the ride well enough to follow it with a short 1.5 mile run to test the switch over. my legs (specifically my calves) were quite so pleased with the switch to the run, but my lungs held out and as such I am happy. A rest day today and already itching to get back out again tomorrow.