Aspire – changing young people’s lives

The ‘Aspire’ Young Person’s Centre in Great Yarmouth is the hub from which the Benjamin Foundation operates – a local organisation which works with homeless or struggling young people. The centre, which opened in 2009, holds numerous training and communal areas, including the new ‘Bass-ment’ suite a brand new training resource aimed to provide extra support for young people currently in education or training.

Chris Neil, the centre manager showed me around, explaining the various resources available. Services provided by The Benjamin Foundation are essential for giving young people that helping hand whilst progressing into another stage of their life, whether it is through education, retraining or providing short-term accommodation. It is obviously a very successful centre and carries out some fantastic work.

I met up with Stephen Spillings who worked closely with me last year during a work experience programme carried out alongside his Prince’s Trust course. Stephen, who is currently staying in one of the living units at the Aspire Centre, is soon to move into independent accommodation after completing his course and getting a job as a Neighbourhood Support Worker. Stephen is a shining example of the positive, life-changing impact The Benjamin Foundation and Aspire Centre can have on young peoples’ lives.

11th May 2011