Apply for a Start Up loan

Earlier this month, the Government announced a £30 million boost to Start-Up Loans to create thousands of new businesses and help young people find jobs in Great Yarmouth.

The Prime Minister’s announcement brings the total pot for Start-Up Loans to more than £110 million over the next three years and will see the age range extended to 30 years old, enabling more people to take advantage of this fund.

New figures have shown that in the first three months of the scheme alone, over £1.5 million worth of loans have been approved, helping nearly 500 new businesses get off the ground.

This Government is on the side of everyone who wants to work hard and get on and I would encourage any budding entrepreneur in Great Yarmouth to apply for a Start Up loan to get their business ideas moving.

This £30 million boost will make a huge difference to the hundreds of young people in Great Yarmouth who have always aspired to own their own business, helping new companies get started and bringing jobs and growth to our economy.

We are increasing loans to small companies, investing in innovation and cutting corporation tax to make sure Britain can build the best businesses and compete in the global race.  This is fantastic news for Great Yarmouth.

If you are thirty years old or younger, click here to learn more about Start Up loans.


The local Start Up provider, NWES, have been in touch.  If you are interested in a Start Up loan, feel free to get in touch with them direct.