I am now fully ready to admit that I have the bug for triathlon.

I find myself reading book after book, searching out different magazines and wistfully thinking about next season already. I am currently reading the  17 Hours to Glory by Mathias Muller and Timothy Carlson.

This year for me was about the experience of just taking part and completing an event. I am already now thinking about 2012 and the idea of keeping up and building up the training to actually be able to be competitive in an enjoyable way. I even find myself, much to my family’s concern reading about Ironman events, though I am not yet tempted to even contemplate that at present.

I am not going to pretend that I don’t have to force myself out of the door early some days to do a training session, but the great feeling after I have done it is hard to beat.

On Monday this week I was so keen that I managed a very early 30 min swim and thanks to the light evenings now I also managed a 2 hour bike ride in the evening after work. This meant for another good and deep sleep on Monday night. Today (Tuesday) is a rest day for me but I am already looking forward to getting back out on the bike ASAP at the end of the week, the middle part of this week will focus on gym work and a few early morning runs.