A week to go…

Next Saturday I am due to take part in my last triathlon of my challenge for the season. It will be my third and my fourth event, having also done a duathlon. Depending on how I feel I also may do a duathlon next Sunday, but will wait to see what the legs have left in them after Saturday first.

This triathlon is a bit different to the norm though, as it is off road. We swim, then move onto mountain bikes for an off road bike route before heading out for a trail run. I will not deny that I have a few nerves but am also looking forward to it.

I have today managed a nice short run to get my system going this morning then got out for  MTB ride with my son and daughter later on. A decent day of miles. I am aiming for a ride tomorrow if the weather holds too and a decent length solo run.

I will then be turning my thoughts to the winter and my plans for 2012. I am determined to further develop time to get out and sail, with the kids too and so will have to be realistic about what I can do. I am also aware that my mid season problem was largely due to over training at my age and weight. So I will need to build better over the winter and have a period focused primarily on my eating and finding a healthier way to deal with that than the snacks and late evening meals that too often take over. I will do my best to keep blogging on this. No doubt writing more when I am doing well 🙂

This week the focus will be on getting ready for next weekend and the chance to do two races in two days.