A helping hand this Christmas

You should, by now, have received the above leaflet from the Royal Mail about their Christmas Stamp scheme.  The scheme is available to local people who are in receipt of Pension Credit, Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) or Incapacity Benefit.  As you can see from the leaflet, eligible residents are able to purchase a total of thirty-six First and Second class stamps at 2011 prices.

The scheme will run from 6th November to 24th December – all you have to do is bring proof of receipt of the relevant benefits and the voucher on the back of the leaflet.  If you need additional leaflets, go to www.royalmail.com/stampoffer.

I am really pleased that the Royal Mail is running this scheme.  Christmas is an important time for families and friends to keep in touch through cards and letters.  The added cost of this, however, can place a real burden on those with less to spare.  By making it easier for people to send Christmas cards and letters, the Royal Mail has really entered into the Christmas spirit to the benefit of local people.