A good morning’s work

Today I had a pretty good training morning. I had a clear diary for a change following a hectic end of last week, so decided to make the most of it with training. I have realised that with only a few weeks to go to my main event for this year I have treat training in the diary like any other part of my job.

I did manage to get a 2 hour bike ride in with my coach last Monday, which was a really good session where I pushed hard. I also had a core strength session at the gym with a trainer on Tuesday but with a 2am finish Tuesday night and a 6 am start to go to the royal Norfolk Show (Excellent as ever btw) on Wednesday before having to head back to Westminster for a full day Thursday and then back to Great Yarmouth for a full day Friday I will admit that my training time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday was 0!!

So today I made up, with a 1 hour early bike ride followed by a 6 mile run in 1hour and 5 mins inc a short v slow section u a steep hill that I am sure I have never seen before!

I have to say I feel good after it and am very pleased with myself for getting out and doing it early today. I feel like the chocolate raisins I had on my return were justified and am hoping I do not end up wanting to pass out too early tonight, as am taking to kids to see a concert tonight.

Though I am promising myself that I will get up v early Sunday to drive a fair way to meet a friend for an open water swim at 7.am Sunday…. we will see. 🙂