2012 Starts here.

It has been some time since I posted a triathlon related Blog. I decided, as I noted late in 2011 to take a break and re focus my training over the winter.

I have enjoyed working at a gym on core work and have found it very odd, with a fair period of time getting used to training very differently. Instead of fitting in so many miles in the pool each week, miles on the bike and miles for my running there has been almost none of the above. I have been focusing on flexibility and core work primarily with limited CV work at all.

I have also focused on my eating habits. As a result I am eating a far healthier diet and feel much better for it, my weight has dropped about a stone (or just over) and my body fat has dropped about 5/6%.

Last weekend I decided I needed a run. I wanted some fresh air and to see how my legs coped with a run of more than a few hundred meters. After an initial desire to stop as my shoulder was a tad sore and my legs were a bit stiff I kept going and found I loosened up and before I knew it I was over the fields and back home having completed 5.5 miles in just under an hour. That may not be fast for many, but it was a fair bit quicker than my old 12.5min mile average, plus it felt easy. Not too stiff the next day either.

So what I have been doing is clearly having a beneficial impact and I will now start to build some more mile sin, plus a few bike rides and then will venture out to the water again soon too.

I am working towards a duathlon in May, plus triathlons in June and July and will then see what the summer brings. I am excited about the season and the prospect of two British Gold medal chances is too much to not feel part of!