Latest Brexit update

Brexit and the current negotiations in Brussels remain an important issue for constituents in Great Yarmouth. Today I’ve written to hundreds of residents, who have previously told me how this is one of their top issues, with an update on what is happening at the moment. I know many other people would appreciate reading this update as well, so I am publishing it on my website:

The Prime Minister has again repeated the collective stance of the Government – Britain is leaving the European Union in March 2019. This was reinforced during her recent speech in Florence, which set out the Government’s approach to the negotiations:

  • Seek a new deep and special partnership between the European Union and a sovereign United Kingdom.
  • Agree a partnership that allows us to continue to trade and cooperate with each other because we see shared challenges and opportunities ahead.
  • This partnership must ensure the United Kingdom is a sovereign nation once again, a country in which the British people are firmly in control.

The Prime Minister has also confirmed that the Government is preparing for every eventuality, so the country is ready from the first day we leave the European Union, even in the event that our European partners do not reach an agreement on the terms of our exit.

In a speech to the House of Commons earlier this week the Prime Minister restated that when we leave the European Union we will no longer be members of its single market or its customs union. Likewise, as the British people voted for control of their borders, their laws and their money, the Government intends to deliver this. As Immigration Minister, I have an important role in preparing our new immigration system required to take control of our borders. As Member of Parliament for Great Yarmouth, I know that this is an issue of great importance for many constituents.

As we have clearly set out what we require from our exit, the ball is now firmly in the court of our European partners. I am optimistic we will receive a positive response, even though progress will not always be smooth. As the Prime Minister has said, “we can prove the doomsayers wrong, and we can seize the opportunities of this defining moment in the history of our nation.”

I look forward to updating you again in the future, but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any specific issues you wish to raise about Brexit and the current negotiations.