First movement on Acle Straight improvements

Just days before Christmas Highways England wrote to me, confirming that the long-asked-for safety improvement works on the A47 Acle Straight will start in February 2017. This will include improvements to traffic signs, road markings and kerb alignment at the A47/A1064 roundabout; improvements to warning signs, road markings and hazard posts at farm accesses in the vicinity of Werryman’s Way and improvements to advance direction and warning signs at Halvergate Junction.

I’m very pleased that Highways England has announced a start date for the safety improvements on the Acle Straight, as everyone locally knows what a dangerous stretch of road this is, and any improvements are welcome. As Member of Parliament I have lobbied both the agency and government transport ministers on numerous occasions, and over many years, about this issue. Yet, we can go much further in improving safety on this stretch of the trunk road network. That’s why I have written to Highways England requesting a meeting to discuss this matter further, as I do feel there are additional safety measures that can be put in place and am keen to see these works completed so we can push for duelling of the road. Neither Highways England or transport ministers must lose sight of the long-term aim, widely supported in the Great Yarmouth area, of a dualling of the Acle Straight.